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The Very Best in Professional Services...
• Homebound - “For Every Age Group”
• Injured- We step in when a loved one is injured. Feel the comfort and well being when a professional is looking assisting your loved one. 
• Parent Helpers- Assistance for the Parent(s) Keep your household running smooth-

I want to introduce you to NJ Parent Helpers, a  Personal Assistance Company for people of all ages. We deliver the VERY BEST in Home & Business Assistance Services at an affordable price without discounting quality and concern.

NJ Parent Helpers - offers services for all ages...  Our friendly, compassionate, caring team can assist you with every need you may have. If you have any questions or concerns please call us, we are here for you: 732-400-7833.

Lets talk a little about our most popular service, Personal Assistance. As millions of  Americans are finding that their parents are living much longer and need assistance in simple everyday clerical needs. You may find yourself needing to care for your parent(s), children or other family members simultaneously, which may be a heavy burden that you may not be prepared for. You need to call NJ Parent Helpers, and speak with one of our, Assistants , our helpful agents can answer all your questions and help you, Live • Life • Easy.... Never a charge for a consultation(s)....

Finding yourself in this situation, many clients do not have the time and ability to take on this very stressful endeavor and are looking for some relief.  One day you may consider a facility for a Parent(s), and this can devastating financially. Through experience and surveys, its been shown that most Seniors just want to live their life at home with their loved ones.  Good News!  As an elite at home service company,  NJ Parent Helpers can assist you at a fraction of the cost of a facility and your insurance may provide some or all of the financing. Call us today : 732-400-7833

Our Companions, which we address as Compassion Care Agents, go through a thorough background check and formal screening for all of our services.  NJ Parent Helpers then matches our clients up with their perfect Assistant, with your final approval. 

To get started - NJ Parent Helpers will setup an informal meeting with you and answer all your questions.
You will experience why clients prefer NJ Parent Helpers ….. Call us today: 732-400-7833  

We love helping people, please send us any questions or comments you may have!  (Inquiry “Click“ above).   

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​NJ Parent Helpers now services Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, Union County.  NJ Parent Helpers is licensed by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs and Holds a Business Registration with the State of New Jersey.

NJ Parent Helpers is always interested in hiring that special person, that is knowledgeable, friendly and uplifting.    Give us a call today and setup a private meeting or fill in the  APPLICATION  ("Click" tab above).  

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Sincerely for life,                                                NJ Parent Helpers is a Community and Family Support Company 

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