NJ Parent Helpers
Keeps your Home or Business running smooth

If you own a home, you can stay in your home. You have the comfort and privacy while
NJ Parent Helpers comes to you. There is no need to sell or deed your home. Retain your privacy and home ownership. We assists with all clerical that you are not able to any longer. For Personal & Business needs.

A reverse mortgage may help you if need be.

In my own experiences, I saw a great need for a Assistants for certain family members. At a point my family was stricken with the job of caring for loved ones which has strained them emotionally and financially. Caring for a family member is not easy. Living facilities and nursing homes were expensive. So what did we do? We turned towards a Non-medical In Home Care Giving Service for a few days a week and a few hours a day. We found that this was an affordable alternative. But mom still needed assistance with maintaining the home.

​   This was great for our loved ones, they were happy to stay comfortably in their own home. Then, I saw a need for other services my family members needed. I saw a growing need for this type of company so then,
NJ Parent Helpers was formed. My own company is now offering Personal & Business Services for your entire family. I recognized the need for other services and so did are many clients. 

NJ Parent Helpers Assistants you will maintain the maximum level of independence and well-being in your daily living activities. We provide the support and services that ultimately improves our clients life and enable them to live comfortably and independently in their own home.