Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NJ Parent Helpers?
We are a Assistance Service Company, that assist people of all age groups. Helping our clients Live Life Easier...

2. Where are you Located?
 NJ Parent Helpers in Located In Old Bridge, New Jersey. NJ Parent Helpers is servicing Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean & Union County of New Jersey. NJ Parent Helpers services are not limited to these locations, inquire for other areas that may be coming available.  


3. How do we select  a Personal or Business Assistant for your Home or Business? 
NJ Parent Helpers Agents are thoroughly screened with a criminal background check. All personal references and previous employee references are contacted. Once a Assistant is selected that matched a clients needs, a staff employee has an on going relationship with our clients and will periodically visits. If clients ever have a question they can contact us anytime at their convenience.    

4.  When should I contact NJ Parent Helpers? 
As soon as you know you would like our service. It is very important for us to meet with the clients and / or family members to ensure client receives proper service. After our meeting, NJ Parent Helpers will be able to  start matching new clients up with the best possible Assistant.  

5. Will NJ Parent Helpers provide care outside of your home? 
Yes. Our Assistants will be available for travel. Prior authorization maybe needed at the location before NJ Parent Helpers is to render services.      

6. Will Medicare or Private Insurance Company pay for NJ Parent Helpers services?
You would need to consult with you insurance company. They will inform you if they will pay for this service in full, partially or if they will not cover at all.  

7. Who pays the Assistants? 
​NJ Parent Helpers Assistants are our employees. You  are not responsible to report employment information to government authorities. NJ Parent Helpers takes care of all payroll items, taxes, liability insurance and worker compensation.      

8. How does NJ Parent Helpers services differ from other companies? 
​On our first meeting, NJ Parent Helpers will meet with you and discuss all you concerns and needs. We compile a guideline of daily activities and duties that are needed to be filled for the client.  At our second meeting, NJ Parent Helpers will introduce you to your Assistant. As we mentioned, NJ Parent Helpers will assign a staff member for all your concerns and visit the Home or Business periodically for customer satisfaction.  

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